The Chocolate Mustache on A Stick.
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Sweet Details

It's been a long time coming, but it is finally here. World Class Chocolatiers The Firm - took one right off the upper lip. The Chocolate Mustache is the core product in the Nibbee Chocolate arsenal. So all you pseudo pirates, ninjas and assassins - just remember


Single Stache ( 1 )
Posse Pack ( 3 )
Badarse Bundle ( 5 )
Mob Squad (10 )
The Elite Task Force ( 50+ ) *got to ask

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Made from our Core Cocoa Product - The Chocolate Mustache was designed after Dads across the country. Our R&D department did an indepth study of male pattern mustache growth over the past 20 years and created the perfect mold. We promise - we did our homework - The stache will feel great, look great and taste great.




About Our Shop... AKA - THE FIRM

THE FIRM - As you can see we are rough and tough bunch - but we have taken our highly crafted talents and used them to produced the greatest chocolate gift in the world. The Chocolate Mustache on a Stick.

We really shouldn't share our trade secrets but at this point - We hope we can call you a friend, comrade or com-padre. Located in the Nations Capital our operations have code names like BLACK THUNDER, THE HAIR, BIG BOY BLUE and NO SHINNY CHEESE. We're not sure what they mean either; just that our silicone molds are created from NASA quality FDA silicones.

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